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    BigTime Fundamental Analysis

    What Is BIGTIME?

    BIGTIME stands as a multiplayer action RPG for PC developed by Big Time Studios. It introduces a unique gaming experience by seamlessly blending a swift combat system with an open in-game economy, allowing players to actively engage in generating and trading game items. The game aims to integrate Web3 elements without hindering entertainment, catering to a broader audience.

    How does BIGTIME work?

    BIGTIME operates on a distinctive game economy where players can craft and sell cosmetics. Engaging in the crafting economy involves utilizing SPACE (digital land) and utility collectibles like Armory, Forge, or Time Warden. The $BIGTIME token, a launch token with no allocation to the team or stakeholders, is primarily obtained through in-game drops. Limited supply artifacts called hourglasses enable players to generate $BIGTIME tokens while immersed in the game.

    Value Analysis of BIGTIME

    BIGTIME introduces a unique gaming experience, emphasizing player involvement in crafting and selling cosmetics within the in-game economy. The incorporation of SPACE, utility collectibles, and hourglasses adds depth to the gameplay, providing players with the opportunity to earn $BIGTIME tokens during their gaming sessions. The deflationary design and exclusive in-game areas accessible through cosmetic collectibles contribute to the game's distinct features.

    Recent Developments

    Developed by industry veterans from renowned companies like Epic Games, Blizzard, EA, and Riot, Big Time Studios has created BIGTIME. The game follows a seasonal content release schedule, featuring craftable cosmetic collectibles, non-craftable cosmetic collectibles, and various events. BIGTIME addresses issues from previous blockchain games, focusing on maintaining a balanced economy and avoiding the pitfalls of the previous generation.

    BIGTIME's transition from traditional games to Web3 games has been executed effectively, abandoning the practice of veteran players selling essential components to new players. The game has gained attention due to its strong concept and a team with a successful track record. With a limited token supply and deflationary mechanisms, BIGTIME aims to create opportunities for players to earn tokens by playing the game, contributing to a potential surge in token value.

    Despite these positive aspects, BIGTIME faces challenges typical of Web3 games, where the value of in-game NFTs may be limited to active players. The application problem of character IP remains unresolved, and the risk of a price collapse exists unless traditional game companies with extensive IPs enter the Web3 gaming scene.


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    Release Time: 2023-10-11