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    Oasis Network Fundamental Analysis

    What Is ROSE?

    Oasis Network (ROSE) stands as a prominent, privacy-enabled, and scalable layer-1 blockchain network. Positioned as the foundation for Web3, it aspires to combine high throughput, low gas fees, and secure architecture. Oasis Network aims to power various sectors, including DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Data tokenization, and Data DAOs.

    Oasis Labs initiated the development of Oasis Network in 2014, initially known as RaiBlocks (XRB). It has garnered substantial support, recently unveiling the $235 million Ecosystem Fund to nurture projects building on the network. Oasis Labs collaborates with industry leaders such as Meta, BMW Group Genetica, emphasizing individual privacy protection, data governance, and responsible data use.

    How does ROSE work?

    Oasis Network adopts a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism secured by a decentralized set of validator nodes. A distinctive feature is the separation of consensus and execution into two layers: the Consensus Layer and The ParaTime Layer. This architectural choice enhances scalability and versatility.

    Value Analysis of ROSE

    ParaTimes and Versatility:

    Oasis Network introduces ParaTimes, each serving a specific purpose:

      Emerald ParaTime: An EVM Compatible ParaTime designed to address high fees and low throughput for Solidity developers. It increases transaction throughput to 1,000 per second and reduces fees significantly.

      Cipher ParaTime: A confidential smart contract ParaTime supporting privacy-preserving smart contracts. It prevents front-running transactions in DEXs, enables NFT users to protect assets privately, and unlocks privacy in credit and lending markets.

      Sapphire ParaTime: A confidential EVM ParaTime, the first in the industry, supporting EVM-compatible environments. It empowers developers with privacy technology in a familiar setting.

      Parcel ParaTime: A confidential data storage, governance, and compute ParaTime, used by enterprise partners like Nebula Genomics, Genetica, and BMW for storing private data, enabling governance, confidential computation, and data tokenization.

    Privacy and Confidentiality:

    Oasis Network ensures privacy through its ParaTimes, leveraging technologies like Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Cipher ParaTime utilizes TEE to secure smart contract execution, maintaining the confidentiality of encrypted data.

    Real-World Integration and Data Economy:

    Oasis Network aims for real-world integration and envisions a responsible data economy. Parcel ParaTime facilitates data tokenization, turning any data into an NFT. This empowers individuals to control and stake their data, creating a novel data economy.


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