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    Sui Fundamental Analysis

    What Is SUI?

    SUI, or Sui, is a revolutionary Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform designed to redefine digital asset ownership. Prioritizing speed, privacy, security, and accessibility, SUI introduces an object-centric model based on the Move programming language. This model offers parallel execution, sub-second finality, and rich on-chain assets.

    SUI emerged through the visionary efforts of Mysten Labs, a team composed of former executives and lead architects from Meta's Novi Research. This team, responsible for the Diem blockchain and Move programming language, aimed to address the challenges faced by early blockchain technologies. SUI was created to provide an efficient and accessible solution for digital asset ownership.

    How does SUI work?

    SUI utilizes a Layer 1 blockchain foundation, leveraging the Move programming language. The platform's architecture features horizontal scalability, allowing parallel processing of transactions. Notably, composability enables the direct passing of assets into function arguments, promoting flexibility and innovative data structures. Sparse replay efficiently tracks relevant transactions, while on-chain storage directly stores assets as objects, eliminating the need for Merkle tree indexing.

    Value Analysis of SUI

    • Horizontal Scaling: Transactions process in parallel, addressing bottlenecks found in earlier blockchains.

    • Composability: Direct passing of assets into functions enhances flexibility and supports innovative data structures.

    • Sparse Replay: Efficient tracking of relevant transactions without the necessity of digging out data from the Merkle tree.

    • On-Chain Storage: Direct storage of assets as objects on the blockchain ensures cost-effective scaling.


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    Release Time: 2022-07-12