Worldcoin Price WLD

    Worldcoin Fundamental Analysis

    What Is WLD?

    Worldcoin (WLD) is the native cryptocurrency of the Worldcoin project, a groundbreaking initiative aiming to establish the world's largest identity and financial network. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency distribution models, Worldcoin allocates the majority of its WLD tokens directly to individuals as a reward for their humanity.

    How does WLD work?

    At the core of Worldcoin is World ID, a privacy-centric global identity network. Through World ID, individuals can affirm their authentic and unique human status to platforms integrating with the protocol, spanning web3 systems, social networks, and government programs. This facilitates equitable airdrops, token/NFT sales, mitigates threats from bots/sybil attacks on social media, and ensures the fair allocation of limited governmental resources. Beyond these applications, World ID holds potential for supporting global democratic processes, introducing innovative governance models like quadratic voting, and even paving the way for an AI-driven Universal Basic Income (UBI).

    Value Analysis of WLD

    One of the distinctive features of Worldcoin is its distribution mechanism. Orb-verified World ID holders are entitled to claim recurring grants of free WLD tokens, aiming to achieve widespread distribution and make WLD one of the most widely held digital currencies. The WLD token functions as a utility token with governance properties, empowering users to actively participate in the decision-making processes of the Worldcoin protocol.


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    Release Time: 2021-10-28