This Risk Disclosure Statement aims to inform users about potential risks associated with using the "AlphaX" trading platform (referred to as the "Trading Platform") and services (referred to as the "Services") provided by AlphaX. It is important to note that the information presented in this statement is not comprehensive and may not encompass all risks or other significant factors that should be taken into consideration before using the services. Users are encouraged to independently assess whether to use the services and are advised to seek relevant advice, such as financial or legal counsel, from impartial advisors.
By using or accessing any platform or service offered by AlphaX, users acknowledge their full comprehension of the listed risks and accept that AlphaX will not be held accountable for any incurred loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use or access of the Trading Platform or Services.


1. Access Risk
The utilization of mobile and web-based trading technology carries inherent risks, including potential delays in price updates and connectivity issues arising from the use of mobile networks. The prices displayed on the Trading Platform serve as indicative rates and may not accurately reflect the actual executed or executable price of an order.
The Trading Platform relies on public communication network circuits for message transmission. AlphaX cannot be held accountable for instances where users encounter delays in price quotations or are unable to trade due to network transmission problems or restrictions beyond the company's direct control. These issues encompass factors such as mobile signal strength, network latency, and other challenges that may arise between users and their internet, phone, or other service providers. It is important to note that certain features available on the Trading Platform may not be accessible through any mobile application.
Users of AlphaX mobile applications may be required to download and install the latest version compatible with their device's operating system. Failure to do so may result in the inaccessibility of certain services, including trading functions, until the update is successfully installed. Performance issues and security risks may arise if AlphaX mobile applications are used on devices with customized or non-standard operating software, or if additional software is installed on such devices.


2. Regulatory Risk
2.1 General Regulatory Risk
The regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and digital assets is in a state of flux. The application and interpretation of existing laws and regulations in this area are largely untested, leading to uncertainty regarding their potential impact. Furthermore, future legislation and regulations specific to blockchain technologies, digital assets, and related service providers are expected, and it is uncertain how these changes may affect digital assets and the services provided. The potential effects of such changes on the price and liquidity of digital assets derivatives, digital assets in general, and the services are unpredictable.
Regulatory measures have the potential to adversely affect cryptocurrencies and digital assets in various ways, such as by classifying digital assets or their derivatives as regulated financial instruments, necessitating registration or licensing in certain jurisdictions. In such cases, AlphaX may be required to prohibit users based on their citizenship, residence, or location from participating in transactions on the Trading Platform. These actions could have a significant impact on the price and liquidity of cryptocurrencies.
It is important for users to ensure compliance with local regulations, directives, restrictions, and laws in their place(s) of residence before utilizing the Services. The company explicitly prohibits the use of its Services by individuals from jurisdictions where such use is not permitted, including those listed in US or international sanctions lists as posing unacceptable money-laundering or terrorist financing risks.
Users are responsible for managing their own tax and legal matters, including the submission of regulatory documents and payments, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The company does not offer regulatory, tax, or legal advice.


3. Financial Risks
1.1 Trading Risk
When utilizing the Services, including Spot and Derivatives services provided by AlphaX, individuals do so at their own risk. There is no guarantee that the use of the Services will result in a positive return or profit, prevent significant losses, or achieve specific objectives. All contracts traded on the Trading Platform are margined and settled using digital assets, such as BTC and stablecoins.
The derivative contracts traded on the Trading Platform carry high financial risks and necessitate relevant experience. Users should only fund their own wallet and engage in trading with digital assets that they own and can afford to lose. There is a possibility of losing a substantial portion or all of the capital. Furthermore, the use of certain Services involves a high risk of loss inherently associated with the available contracts for trading. Therefore, users should carefully consider whether they can bear the risks of loss associated with using the Services, particularly trading derivatives contracts.
The Trading Platform is structured to ensure that the maximum risk associated with any user's position(s) on the platform does not exceed the actual amount of digital assets allocated to the relevant position(s) (through fees, funding, margin, and/or premium). A user will have a single net position in any given contract at any time. If a position is liquidated, the digital assets allocated to that position as margin will be lost, up to the entire amount of the user’s account balance. Users are advised to consult the description of the forced liquidation process on the website and in the Trading Guide.
1.2 Price Volatility
The price of digital assets can be highly unpredictable and volatile compared to other assets such as stocks, bonds, and other tradeable instruments. Individuals should refrain from engaging in digital assets derivatives unless they comprehend their nature and the extent of their exposure to risk. Any spreads or other fees associated with the contracts may make them more volatile in an unexpected and unpredictable manner.
1.3 Liquidity Risk
Derivatives of digital assets, including those traded on the Trading Platform, may possess higher risk, lower liquidity, increased volatility, and greater susceptibility to economic, political, market, industry, regulatory, and other fluctuations compared to other types of derivative contracts. The liquidity of the contract market is contingent upon various factors, such as supply and demand on the trading platform, as well as commercial and speculative interest in the contract market. Due to the closed nature of the trading system, there exists a risk of limited trading volume and liquidity. Insufficient liquidity in any contract market may lead to delays in order execution and potential failure to execute certain orders, particularly for large orders.
1.4 Asset Deposit and Withdrawal Risk
It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the address used for any deposit, withdrawal, or transfer, and that the address is valid for the intended digital asset transfer and accepted by AlphaX as a deposit. Any inaccuracies in the designated address or the digital asset being transferred between addresses may result in the complete loss of the digital assets involved.
Digital assets transferred to or between your account(s) will only be available for margin or withdrawal purposes once they have been credited to your account. The crediting of digital assets to your account is subject to a suggested number of block confirmations on the relevant blockchain, in accordance with our policies and procedures. AlphaX retains the sole discretion to determine whether to credit any transfer of digital assets to your account.
The duration between block confirmations and between a block confirmation and account credit is variable and influenced by numerous factors, some of which are beyond our control. We do not provide any assurance or guarantee regarding the timeframe for a deposit or transfer to be credited, or for a withdrawal to be confirmed.
For instance, deposits and/or withdrawals may not be credited or may be delayed in the following scenarios:
  • Delays, high demand, or technological issues affecting the relevant network
  • Insufficient allocated network fee for the transaction to ensure confirmation according to your expectations
  • Increased variable processing time in the system due to high demand, technological issues, or other conditions
  • Suspected engagement in any suspicious activity or breach of our Terms of Service
Failure to manage the risk of a position or order may expose you to the risk of loss if a deposit is not credited to your account.
The protocol underlying a digital asset may change or otherwise cease to operate due to changes made to its underlying technology or changes resulting from an attack. These changes may include but are not limited to a “fork”, a “rollback”, or an “airdrop”. Any such change, or any failure in any applicable protocol, may dilute the value of your digital asset(s) and/or your positions and may result in total loss. AlphaX will not support any such change (unless the company chooses to do so at its own discretion), and any asset (or other digital token or asset) that you may expect to be distributed or transferred to you in respect of any wallet balance may not be credited to your account or transferred to you, resulting in a total loss of, without any right to claim or request compensation for, that asset.
1.5 Information Accuracy Risk
While AlphaX endeavours to keep the information provided as accurate as possible, there is a risk that the information may not be the latest, complete, updated, or accurately translated.


4. Cyber Risks
4.1 Risks Related to Cybersecurity
The protocol governing a digital asset may undergo alterations or cease to function due to modifications in its underlying technology or as a result of a security breach. These alterations could encompass events such as a "fork," a "rollback," or an "airdrop." Any such modification or failure in the applicable protocol may devalue your digital assets and/or your positions, potentially resulting in a complete loss. AlphaX will not endorse any such modification unless it chooses to do so at its own discretion. Consequently, any asset or digital token that you anticipate receiving in relation to a wallet balance may not be credited to your account, leading to a total loss without any entitlement to claim or request compensation for the lost asset.
There is a risk of inaccurate information being provided by AlphaX, despite its efforts to maintain accuracy, completeness, and currency of the information.
The use of AlphaX's trading platform is susceptible to interference by malicious entities through various means, including malware attacks, denial of service attacks, coordinated attacks, account takeovers, and submission of fake transactions. These actions could have adverse effects on the platform's operation, the availability of services, and the value of contracts traded on the platform.
Given the increasing reliance on technology and computer systems for business operations, digital assets and services are vulnerable to operational and information security risks. Cyber incidents can result from deliberate attacks or unintentional events, including unauthorized access to digital systems, data corruption, operational disruption, and denial of service attacks. Failures or breaches in the security of third-party service providers could also negatively impact digital assets and services.
It is the user's responsibility to ensure the security and confidentiality of access credentials, including email, username, password, and two-factor authentication, as well as the security and integrity of the systems and services used to access the services.
4.2 Risks Associated with Platform IT Maintenance
Periodically, AlphaX may conduct routine or other forms of maintenance on the Trading Platform. This activity has the potential to cause platform downtime and hinder access to the Trading Platform, which could result in delays or cancellations of pending orders and orders created during maintenance or downtime. Additionally, users may be unable to submit new orders or modify existing ones during this period.


5. Language Usage
This AlphaX Cryptocurrency Trading Risk Disclosure Statement may be available in various languages. In the event of any inconsistencies, the English version should be consulted.